British Cops Get Another

Friday, December 22, 2006

This story includes warnings from the London Child Abuse Investigation Command regarding paedophile activities online. Detectives state that social networking sites such as MySpace are being abused by paedophiles. From the article:

The type of pedophile also varied, according to Detective Constable Jonathan Taylor, a covert officer who pretends to be a 12-year-old girl during often long and painstaking inquiries.

All are white and usually aged between 30 and 50. But they can be family men, loners, grandfathers and professionals.

They target children by asking to be their online "friend" with most youngsters inundated with dozens of such requests every day.

One pedophile they monitored had around 300 "buddy" profiles, all of which were young girls, Taylor said.

The story profiles a recent case in which a "predatory pedophile" hit on a '12 year old girl' who turned out to be a detective at the CAIC. Well, I think this predator now officially qualifies as one of these:

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