When a pervert loves a child.........

Thursday, May 24, 2007

"An 8-year-old Cape Coral girl was forced to get off a school bus and urinate on a front lawn while other Cape Elementary pupils watched." Story HERE

Outrageous? You bet. And I seriously doubt if there's one person here who isn't fuming over this story. Heck, even some of the perverts got upset. Some of them. What about the others? Let's look at those a minute. You know....the ones who say that they just love children, they would never harm children, they would always put the needs of a child before themselves, they understand children much more than their own parents!! Yeah, those perverts like:

Abraxas an original NAMBLA member, convicted child molester and general loud mouthed obnoxious POS. We had a long discussion with his good friend Damien Cole back in September about him, and his past. Yeah, good old Rookieeee....who ignores his own pedo-pals when they say in reference to Joseph Duncan..... "Knowledge of a persons past will give you a strong idea of what they will do tomorrow" and while telling all his brothers to behave and not screw things up, and while all the little pedoheads are descending upon blog land making wild claims of NOT being child molesters........oh hell no, they're child lovers. Yes during all of this Rookieeee spoke of convicted pedofreaks who wanted to be pedo activists and made this statement:

"There ain't no way we can (or should) wash our hands of "these people". These people are ourselves"

Well, we agreed. We realize that all you childlovers are indeed convicted child sex offenders. No argument there.

But back to the story.....Abraxas, as a self proclaimed bisexual childlover would surely have something to say about this child........
No big deal......Kids have been peeing in public since time began......Seeing children run around naked is common in many parts of the world......American society is phobic and we have, sadly, made our children afraid of even necessary functions......we do not live in a perfect world
Ah, such understanding. It boggles the mind.

The Phantom:
What do you expect with mimsy-pimsy Americans?
'scarred for life'?!? LOL
She will live
The Phantom:
public peeing is practically obligatory in (mainland) China.............All the trauma is a result of societal programming and adults' reaction to the incident, like another activity frequently discussed hereabouts...
What it seems to me that they're lacking besides just general respect and common decency for another human being is empathy. It's interesting that empathy training is a part of sex offender therapy. This is a perfect example of why.

Hey Abraxas, you fat ugly old thang you, how would you like to be forced to urinate on the sidewalk in front of 70 people? Think it wouldn't bother you to hear everyone laughing at you? Especially when you're say....8 years old and especially sensitive to peer pressure? Oh but you do understand 8 year olds, don't you? I almost forgot that part. Children urinating in their own yard, by their own choice does not........by any stretch of the imagination, compare to this. You are a disgrace.

And by the way this is 2007, ok? We have running water and an advanced waste disposal system. We don't live like barbarians or wild animals. We happen to be civilized. But if you'd like to go live in a jungle or a destitute, filthy, uneducated, technologically backwards location........there's a lot of people who would like to help you get there. And good riddance
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