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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Let's clarify some of the wild, hysterical ramblings going on around these parts. It appears that Live Journal during their recent spring cleaning purge deleted some journals that they shouldn't have. So these are the complaints:
  1. Anti's have no business reporting blogs for inappropriate content
  2. An innocent party could be/has been harmed
  3. We're stupid
  4. We're doing it wrong
So these are the facts:
Over 500 journals on LJ were reported

LJ was specifically warned that some tags may belong to survivor groups

LJ decided who to delete

Almost 150 journals we reported DID NOT get deleted

Over 100 journals that we DID NOT report DID get deleted

For those who shouldn't have been deleted it's understandable that they would be upset, I know I would be. But blind, misdirected hysteria on their part is not going to help them. LJ has apologized to them and assured them that their journals could be reinstated.

We will not apologize for something that we did not do. Nor will we stop doing the things we do........90% of which is not revealed on this or the other Anti blogs. Nor will anyone see it until such time as it's feasible to do so, if ever.

Let me share with you some of the hysteria that's now going on over this. Check out this image and tell me what's wrong with this picture?

A discussion going on at another location includes the above, take a look:

I don't know about you guys, but that phrase alone makes me want to do a babyfuck right in front of them.
I say we spam them with loli, shota, copypasta, and Bel Air.
Report them to blogger for harassment (or make up something)
Find out who these people are in RL and make their lives hell
Someone should make their blog disappear
I'm in. This is fucking ridiculous. I cannot be assed to lock all my perverted entries on livejournal and they fucking closed fandom_wank. I say full scale attack
looks like raep is in order
if they come after the chans then they'll just get the shit raped out of them. And thats hilarious
No mercy. No regrets.
you do not want to start shit with them, this is a war you will not win.
Even if we are outnumbered, then we're like Sparta and they're like Persia. Need I say more?
I'm in. I'll go ahead and take a stand for free speech, and for free thought, and for fucking up any goddamn ignorant self-righteous would-be thought police
Let's make this one epic, so that it can stand as a warning to any other aspiring internet morality squads. /i/NSURGENTS, TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!

Its a fucking all out has started............
As an LJer who is crying, I want my fucking porn back. But if I can't have that, raiding WFI will be almost as good.
Get organized first. Plan your fucking attack. Not just random strains of anonymous, we want a full fleged armada to strike them at once. This is just like what happened on the second day of the subeta raid. (TL;DR Get your fucking plans first then beat them with boards and rusty nails.)
It's time to rape these fuckers and nuke them back to the fucking stone age where they belong
dude, wtf r u doing. They'll track us back here with you posting that link, you fucktard.
This must commence tonight
How the fucking hell do we DDOS Google and Photobucket?!
we need to go for blood, we do to them as we did to kieth, but worse, far worse...........DOS brings down sites for a period of time. going after their real life with slandarous rumors and giving personal details to identity theives cause real suffering and gnashing of teeth........make these motherfuckers gnash
actually this is a good idea, if enough fake WfI letters go to livejournal they'll realize they fucked up even worse than they imagined when they give into the demands of trolls so easily.
you cannot win this fight, you are outnumbered and outguned. this isn't a "spartan VS Persian" war, this is closer to japan VS america, and you chinks will get law-nuked into oblivion. 95% of the world hates people that prey on children, including pedophiles. you attack anybody against pedos and you have the world on your fucking ass. don't even start this shit. YOU. WILL. LOSE.
Maybe it would be a good idea to just leave them alone so we don't get fucked over as well, but when the hell have us /i/nsurgents listened to reason? As for numbers, I only see three of them and endless amounts of us. Go at it /i/.
Anyway, I agree with >>52351, names and addresses needed, if not for general fuckery then at least an RL raid needs to come out of it. All the rednecks that're good shots got sent to Iraq anyway, so there should be no threat of bodily harm unless the fat landcows they call 'women' charge you like angry bulls.
If you want to help our great cause of /i/nsurgency, do the following.
-Register a fake livejoural account, find "sex offenders" (these can be people with "furry" or "loli" etc in their interests), and send their account names to the Livejournal Abuse team.
-Attack (docs below) (warning, site contains aids in the form of spyware.)
-Create chaos on any site on either side of the cause. Spread rumors, disinformation
-Blame it all on Teens 4 Christ.
I think we should raid (Crazy black people revolutionist garbage) In the name of the Warriors of Innocence, Claiming that they use drugs and pass it onto children, kill children with their gangfights, black people get the most underage girl preggo, whatever steriotypical racism we can throw...........Also leak warriors for innocence url at some point
I signed them up for gay4free lulz!

Now, we have much to do. And if we seem unfeeling towards innocent blogs that went down, then that's your perception. You should clear your head, calm down and assess the situation. This is all the explaining we're going to do about this.

You see, this is a thankless job. Fortunately gratitude is not our goal. So while those of you bloggers at LJ are over there happily typing away about fluff, stuff and nonsense....... keep in the backs of your minds that these are real people out here dealing with the ugly stuff so that you don't have to see. You can live your life oblivious to it, while making free speech your most valuable commodity.

I thank God for all the Anti's and I support each and every one of them. I know first hand what they go through. I know how hard it is. And this folks, is the end of the LJ'ers harassment campaign against us. Agree or disagree that's your choice. We're doing a good thing and we won't stop.
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