"I'm watching you, little girl"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm referring to Joshua Kistler the 31 year old pervert recently sentenced to 24 years in prison for his online predatory behavior. What did he do?

First he posed as a 15 year old boy using images of his own son. He sent those pictures and videos to young girls and claimed to be dying of Leukemia....all to entice them into sending him sexually explicit pictures of themselves. The girls ranged in age from 12-14.

On March 11, 2005, FBI agents in Portland served a search warrant on defendant's residence, recovering numerous CD's and two computers that the defendant admitted to containing files of movies of young women in various states of undress, some of which were taken and recorded without their knowledge. In addition, a forensic examination revealed thousands of images containing depictions of child pornography.But hey, it gets worse.
He had a program which had recorded the girls on their web cams without their knowledge and he saved the videos.

He stated that he'd "always been a collector"

As part of his plea deal he gave agents detailed information about the software he used to view and record webcam video without alerting the person with whom he was sharing a connection, software designed to simulate reciprocal webcam video for the purpose of deceiving those minors with whom he was chatting.
This was eerily similar in a way to the case of the stolen panties except that the creep factor on this guy is off the scale. I suppose it should come as no surprise. We have no doubt that guys like this have no respect for others, including the little girls they claim to just love. Interesting that this guy made the comment

"I'm sorry for the harm I've caused," he said. "I wasn't aware I was causing any harm."

I found that interesting. And especially when you take into consideration pervert attacks on any law against their behavior. They don't like the idea that their privacy might be invaded. But the privacy of these young girls meant nothing. Just like their psychological well-being meant nothing. In fact none of the girls meant anything at all to this man except as a means to achieve sexual gratification. So what makes him different than these other guys? He got caught. That's the only difference.

Now what do the pedofreaks think about this?

believes its an over reaction on the girls part.... obviously he shouldn't have been so sneaky but 24 years in prison seems an excessive sentence
You can only be charged with possession of child pornography. It is not illegal to look at it or view it on a web cam. To my knowledge, there are no laws barring sexual type talk with minors
The first amendment simply does not apply anymore, free speech does not legally exist in the United States anymore
Patrick Kiernan of the FBI Internet Crimes Taskforce says:

“You wouldn’t invite a stranger into your house, or into your bedroom. Don’t let your computer do the same thing.”

Some recommended steps to help protect your child from this sort of thing include:
  • do not let your children have computers in their rooms; put them in open rooms only
  • keep your computer turned off when you aren’t using it, and if you have a webcam, turn it to the wall when you are not using it, or at least obstruct the view
  • purchase your children an email account instead of having them use a free one.
These men have one thing on their minds........and it's not the well-being of your child. I believe we'll be seeing more cases like this. We should all warn everyone of this danger. This man, like so many of these online pedofreaks we see, simply has no soul.
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