Chance To Respond

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Here is the chance for any PF to actually completely respond to a post on Absolute Zero.

I asked this question in a previous post and received no directed responses whatsoever.

I believed, then, that the question required its own stand-alone post. The question is this:

List for me, if you will, the personal or societal benefits of paedophilia, for both sides of the perpetrated act.

I solicit any and all input.

I would also humbly request that members of AZ refrain from either editing, interfering, deleting or rephrasing the responses acquired from this question.

I wish to see any and all responses in their complete and unadulterated forms.

AZ is now providing any and all with a promotional board to explain, in detail, their inclinations, tendencies, proclivities and reasons for their urges.

Please explain your answer to the above question.

AZ staff, management, contributors: please allow the resulting comments absent any editing.

Thank you kindly, on each side, for your input. But beware: answer the question directly. I myself have the capability to edit should I desire. Be brief and succinct.

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