What's the Hurry?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Look at Christopher Michael Barrios, of Brunswick Georgia. Look at his face. Look at that smile. Imagine him in front of you, six years old, how small he would be. 3 feet 6 inches tall and 60 pounds. Just a little boy playing on a swing set after he got off the school bus. Just a couple hundred feet away from home....

....And right across the street from a convicted sex offender.

His funeral was today.

Now let's walk across the street and see what we find.

Why it's George Edenfield who pleaded guilty in 1997 to molesting two boys, ages 7 and 9. He was sentenced to 10 years on probation.

As part of his 1997 conviction, George Edenfield had to register as a sex offender in Georgia. A Georgia law passed last year prohibits registered sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school bus stop; the Edenfields lived about 600 feet from the one Christopher waited at. This law has currently been put on hold, pending......

Now let's see what else is across the street. Living with George we have his father.

David Edenfield. David pleaded guilty to incest in 1994.

Wonder if he also molested George when he was a boy? Enter the mother:

Peggy Edenfield. Not a registered sex offender, but she lied during the search for Christopher. She sent investigators off on wild goose chases....away from Christophers body.

But perhaps she wasn't trying to cover up what her son did....or what her husband did for that matter. Maybe she was just trying to cover up for the fact that she watched while both her husband and her son molested the boy....Or the fact that she masturbated while watching?

Perhaps it was both. Nevertheless, all three have been arrested and charged with capital murder. Apparently the prosecutor will be seeking the death penalty....and frankly they all three deserve it, no matter which one actually strangled him to death....after getting their thrills. Or perhaps his death was part of the thrill. Of course, if Jessica's Law had been in effect back in 1997....and George had received the minimum sentence of 25 years, little Christopher would still be alive.

Could anyone argue with that? Well Dissident could. You remember Dissident. The pseudo-pedo philosopher. There was a discussion about Jessica's Law. And of course...as always..Dissident is opposed to any measure that might punish a pedo. He claims that it won't prevent real child molestations it will merely punish those involved in consensual sex with children. Well he claims that child murderers should never be let out of prison in the first place so it doesn't really effect them. But I think he's missing the point. Is it purposeful?

John Couey was arrested for fondling a child. He served his time. He got out. He progressed....he kidnapped and murdered. George Edenfield was convicted of fondling two little boys. He got probation. No jail time. He progressed....he kidnapped and murdered. Are we seeing a pattern here? These are just two examples of why we need ONE STRIKE LAWS.

Just for the record here are some of the pedo-opinions about legislation like Jessica's Law... one that would have prevented John Couey, George Edenfield and even Joseph Duncan from progressing:
Vespucci: "What a travesty of justice"

darth: "It is so sad that love has such a heavy punishment'

Santi: "Sex offenders, especially the ones to offend a minor are to pay forever."

Dissident: "I find it highly insulting that the fears and emotional devastation of a family are used to divert further oppression upon a highly misunderstood minority group"

28: The only way to protect children is to educate them about the differences between child molesters and Pedosexuals....in order to empower children with the comprehensive knowledge they need, in order to make good decisions when confronted with potential exploitation."

Lux: "For every one dangerous-to-children molester, there are a thousand harmless sex offenders"

Hierophant: "These are not anti molester laws....these are anti love laws."

Turtle: "New laws won't stop scumbags from raping children. They will just ruin more men and womens lives and continue to tear families apart."

LGsinmyheart: "I would chop my feet off, bracelet included (speaking of tracking device), give the bracelet away as a present to a little girl....just to prove a point"
Well, you made your point LGsinmyheart. You sure did. Nothing will stop you will it? Not as long as you have your freedom anyway.
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