It's a New Plan, Man

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Danyboy, the frequent mad scientist logician visitor to AZ, for some unknown reason believes people want to debate him. hmmph. Anyway, he has a new plan. He doesn't understand that Google who owns know the Blog service that's been removing pedo blogs? Yeah, well he doesn't understand that that Google is the same Google that owns Google Pages. So he's going to start practicing pedo-terrorism on Google Pages instead. Not only that he says:
we will now be able to use images of youthful beauty in exactly the way that so many have been punished for; as a tool of activism.
What was that? A childlover said what?
we will now be able to use images of youthful beauty ............ as a tool of activism.
Yeah that's what I thought it said. You can see his post HERE and you can report his pro pedophilia, pro adult/child sex propoganda HERE

And to add some humor to the situation, I thought you'd like to know about his insane insistence that I am multiple people. So, I've finally figured out why he thinks this. He made a time graph of all mine and Daydreamers activities on AZ, I suppose trying to find a conspiracy in the times of day we commented. So I suppose we must now add another player to this bizarre conspiracy. Look at this:

I am the green dots and Daydreamer is the red dots. So if you squinch your eyes, hold your mouth just right, stand exactly 3.17 feet away, and connect the dots juuuusssst can see why he thought I was other people.

Ah HA! Another subliminal message I've been sending danyboy's way....just to make him feel CRAZY!

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