Obama says 'NO' to Lindsay Ashford

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We all know about Lindsay Ashford's pedophile website. We all know some of the outrageous things he says. Who is he? He's a pedophile activist. He's a man who has a mission.... that mission is to bring about public tolerance and acceptance of pedophilia as a 'sexual orientation' with the ultimate goal being abolishment of age-of-consent laws. In other words HE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH LITTLE GIRLS.

We find his website to be not only offensive but dangerous. He encourages fellow pedophiles through lies and deception. He makes grand statements as fact while pointing to legitimate scientific research, that don't say what he claims. He twists words, he twists reality. Let's face it, he's just twisted.

We first posted about Lindsay using the 'cuteness' of little girls to predict the 2008 presidential election last year The Pedophile Voting System Since that time, multiple phone calls have been made, hundreds of emails sent, petitions signed and a whole-lotta-fussing going on...went on. We decided to focus on getting one, just one politician to step up to the plate and be a stand up guy. And we got that man with Barack Obama.

What we need now is to see the other politicians who have beautiful little daughters and granddaughters step up to the plate and show us that they can be a stand up guy the same way Obama was. This isn't going to go away just because they don't want to know about it. If they can't stop a pervert from posting their own little girls image on a pedophile website, then what can I possibly expect them to do for me?

These are the other people who need to act. Not only to protect their own kids but to make a stand to show us....the voters that you mean business. We won't take no for an answer and we expect the same from you the politician. Absolute Zero Tolerance for men who prey on children.
  • Senator John Edwards: 8 yr old daughter
  • Governor Mark Warner: 15,14, and 11 yr old daughters (Lindsay claims they are disadvantaged by their advanced ages)
  • Senator Joseph Biden: 4 granddaughters with the youngest 2 years old
  • Senator Tom Daschle: 3 yr old granddaughter
  • Senator Barack Obama: 7 & 4 yr old daughters
  • Senator Chris Dodd: 5 yr old daughter
  • Senator George Allen: 2 daughters
  • Senator Sam Brownback: 3 daughters
  • Governor Mitt Romney: 10 yr old granddaughter
  • Senator John McCain: 2 granddaughters
  • Senator Rick Santorum: 2 daughters
  • Representative Mike Pence: 2 daughters
  • Vice President Dick Cheney: 3 granddaughters


I'll just leave you with these comments left on BoyChat and GirlChat...just in case any of you wondered what the nodding pedo heads thought about the issue....
JD420: Too bad; it's a felony ...using threat of law to abridge the "everyman's right" to comment on upcoming elections carries ten years in the slammer and unlimited fiscal liability - and rightfully so.

I, for one, hope Obama is sentenced under the rule of an equal and just law
Fetishist: When politicians decided to further their careers by plastering the faces of sex offenders on websites, they did a lot of wrongs. At this point it's only right to start plastering the faces of the children of politicians on pedo websites, as a way of balancing out those thousands of wrongs with a few wrongs that will hit home to those politicians.
mvanhouten: We CAN respect the rights and wishes of others, including minors. And if we call ourselves child-lovers, we should be thinking about this carefully, when it comes to minors and thinking OUTSIDE the law...Frankly following the letter of the law is NOT any kind of recipe for ethical behavior. Quite the opposite
tyciol: He put pictures up of all the various potential candidate's children/grandchildren if they had any young girls of a suitable age in direct descendancy.

It's actually pretty legitimate since every politician carries their spawn around to advertise to the breeders they can be trusted.
Baldur: The lawyer's letter is utterly laughable - at least, it would be, were it not for the fact that Americans no longer seem to give a damn about free speech and the rule of law
Once again folks, need we say more? The pedophiles words speak for themselves.

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