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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

please im beeging for help and im scared tonite... desperate... alone...

... im strugglin tonite scared...

i really could use some support tonite... please im thinking really bad things about myself rite now! im scared and alone please

Many paedophiles have preached of the value of their forums and blogs etc as a means of support for each other….support to a) refrain from torturing and molesting children (ala ILGO) and b) deal with real-life situations and prevent suicide(ala Ashford). Recently, this theory has been put to the test.

The opening messages were posted to the BoyChat forum over the course of several hours by user 'here'. 'Here' is obviously seeking support and guidance and perceives that he is in danger. He described his situation this way:

long story short... things went too far with y/f sister listened in on the phone tonite... i dont know what else to say she hasnt said anything yet that i know of... im scared to death

He goes on to add that he has "files" that must be removed from his computer before the cops arrive and received a great number of responses. Incidentally, not one of them addressed the fact that 'here' expressed suicidal thoughts.

The vast majority of the commentors attempted to walk 'here' through complex processes to wipe the hard drive. Many even relished the opportunity to brag about their own ability to hide child porn. Arion Neos explains:

What you're seeing here is the result of a hell of a lot of practice.

Keep in mind at this point these commentors have already expressed awareness of the fact that 'here' has consumed alcohol and drugs. JD420 decides to join in this "campaign of support" although it is unclear whether he is simply amused by these posts or if he is hoping to actually drive 'here' to murder and/or suicide:

...well, personally, I'd just view it as a chance to kill a few cops before engaging in recruitment-by-force for an army behind the walls.

He says that wiping the hard drive will work but just in case it doesn't says:

If not, there's always benzodiazapenes or alcohol as an anti-anxiety... or, propanolol. Try not to overdo it. If you do overdo it, try not to talk to, umm, anybody.

Notice how nobody questions whether a child has actually been hurt or not. In fact, later when a discussion arose regarding psychological help, Cale Tucker advises:

If you march into a shrink's office and proclaim "I did xxx to yyy and his mother is upset" he will be legally obligated to inform the police if xxx is illegal (because yyy is under age)".
Now you have never said as much and you shouldn't even if it's true

'Here' went to the forum a desperate, scared, suicidal person. He gets told to smash the hard drive with a hammer, shoot it with a high calibre weapon, to use complex processes he did not understand, to kill himself by popping more pills, to kill police if they get in his way, not to ever admit to abusing a child even if it's the truth

If this is the type of "support" on offer from these forums, I am confident asserting that the paedophiles are better off alone.
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