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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

That Daniel is a stupid pedophile. Yes that's right....Daniel Lievre who owns that website that teaches fellow pedophiles how to go forth and multiply their cognitive distortions and is the author of Pedo Logic for Dummies. The same Daniel who says he's sexually attracted to children but he's not a pedophile....because he'll have sex with anybody. Daniel is a child predator, that's what Daniel is.

I've had run-ins with danyboy on other blogs. I've witnessed first hand his attempts to terrorize. I've witnessed first hand his attempt to use psychology -- in his slimey pedo grooming voice....on a child sexual abuse survivor. His attempt to denigrate their suffering, his attempt to rationalize the abuse itself, and his attempt to place the blame for it elsewhere. danyboy doesn't know that his pedo tactics are transparent. How could he? He's a pedophile, and pedophiles are stupid that way.

When danyboy attempted to comment here on AZ, I was enraged. I recognize him for what he is. He's more than just an online pedophile activist. He's more than just another nodding pedo head saying cognitively distorted things. He's a real man.......and he's determined. Just like his pedo-brethren he recognizes no boundaries. He won't take NO for an answer. Sound familiar? Would you trust a child in this mans presence?

Daniel recently decided to embark upon a campaign of harassment here on AZ. There was a bit of 'back and forth' and Daniel started to get angry. He can't quite figure out what's going on around him .... and yet he thinks he's the voice of intelligence. Speaking of intelligence....he had this to say:
Stitches is you, dreamer! She isn't fucking violet, llort or rez as far as I know. But she is also someone else quite removed from AZ, too.

You see, there's been a bit of intelligence going around regarding both of you, dreamer / stitches. Then you both pull all the archives from your almost identical your blogs at the same time! Wouldn't it be nice if someone was to even bother leaking that intelligence?

Hmmm... makes me think.
Well, here you go danyboy, I'll save you the trouble of spreading your *ahem* intelligence around. Let's just put it here for everyone to see, shall we? This is an email that Daydreamer of Oz recently received. Interestingly enough the IP address of the sender is identical to the one belonging to Daniel Lievre.

WA LA Pedo Logic

So my question is, should we ease his pedo-delusional obsessive thoughts? Or should we just sit back and laugh while he keeps on and on and on chasing his elusive tail?
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