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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Posted On Sunday, August 10, 2008 at 1:25:00 AM by ZMan!


Imagine with 630,000 sex offenders, not including family, could do?

This is in the words of Zman, the radical, impulsive, brainless registered sex offender activist we've all come to know so well. Yes, folks, he's over on his blog attempting to incite violence. He's encouraging convicted child molesters to gang together and RISE UP against society.

I believe the impetus behind this rash act of his came from one of SoClear Media's newest pissed off sex offenders TMaximus. Listen:

Yes, indeed. Society has reached the breaking point. We're sick and tired of people thinking they can abuse our children and then whine and moan about the consequences. We're sick and tired of liberal wrist slapping judges who won't give an appropriate sentence for the molestation of a child. Yes, we need mandatory sentences. And for the most part, what we need is not residency restrictions or sex offender registries. I believe it is clear from the lack of intelligence and the rampant blame gaming arising from the sex offender community, that what we need is life imprisonment without possibility of parole.

This is Zman's call to fight those who oppose baby rapers

And this is what Zman wants them to do

Why even Derek Logue is getting in on the action.
To members of Absolute Zero United, its all fun and games to harass former offenders. Usually I'm all fun and games in taking it back to them. But not today. This is no fucking game. The label of "sex offender" has gotten so serious that people are willing to KILL in order to avoid the stigma. Any troll reading this better think long and hard about this article, because this is not a fucking game, but a matter of life and death
He then goes on to quote, in stupid RSO fashion, an entire news article. Let's sum it up for you.
The complaint tells a chilling story of a disaffected man who had thought about committing a random shooting for the past four or five years and prepared by stashing weapons in the woods.
"Johnson finally decided to execute his plan last week after suspecting that a woman he had recently sexually assaulted would tell her ordeal to police, the complaint said."
Johnson said he lured the woman near the bridge the evening before the shooting, sexually assaulted her and tried to talk her out of calling police. He decided to wait there and kill any law enforcers who arrived to investigate. When none did, he returned home.

He left his home the next day and when he returned, his mother told him police were looking for him. Expecting to go to jail and fearing the label of sex offender, he decided "he had nothing to lose and the only power he had in this life was `to take.'"
Now Derek, believes that when the man started shooting teenagers at random, the government is at fault for being "vigilantes" making laws that he doesn't agree with. This man had already been planning to do something like this for years, why in the world would Derek choose a psychopath to try to make his argument.......that isn't even a rational argument.....and will only do more harm to himself and "his people" than if he'd just kept his mouth shut to begin with. He's impulsive, which is probably why he's an RSO today. If he knew WHY this is an inappropriate tactic for a convicted child molester to use, then he would most likely have enough self-control to have not molested a child to begin with.
And yet the trolls over at Absolue Zero United think its all fun and games? You condemned someone for merely acknowledging the possibility it was inevitable? Well here is proof it is not only possible, not only inevitable, but a COLD HARD REALITY! Do you STILL think this all a fun game, Stitches?

You are quite mistaken Mr. Logue. This is no game. It has never been a game. Right now in this country there are an estimated 27,160,752 ADULT female survivors of child sexual abuse and 12,220,488 ADULT male survivors for a total of almost 40 million ADULT survivors. You want to call up your 630,000 and incite violence against those whose only desire is to protect children from predators? Bring it on, Derek. Bring it on. You aren't doing anything to create empathy to your cause, you are making it worse Derek. This is what people think about those who abuse children.

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