I am Created Siva

Thursday, August 07, 2008

"When I was younger it was actually easier for me being MAA. As I grow older I find it is much harder for me. I want what I want. And at this age I am used to getting what I want."

Bill Page aka Siva has been with GirlChat for the last eight years, he's been a consistent regular and a part of what was known as "The Jive Five"

Bill likes to draw attention to himself with constant descriptions of his exploits with nude little girls......... including his own granddaughter.

He claims to take showers with them.

He claims they sleep in his bed with him.

According to Bill little girls strangely just strip naked around him. He has that effect on them he says. - laughing. Which is another peculiar and obnoxious habit of his that all Anti's will recognize immediately. - laughing.

Bill claims to have been married for 30 years and to have a long term mistress who knows of his filthy pedophilia. He also speaks frequently of all the little girls who sleep in his bed. I wonder where the wife is?

Or is Bill Page a liar? Has he completely made up 8 years of pedophile
fantasy? Well, you know that's what all filthy pedophiles say when
they're exposed. - laughing. What kind of person do you suppose would say this?
I often am with naked little girls and so I give them wide latitude as to how they act...I have up to 6 girls at the house at a time and we share MANY situations including what some would conceive as being sexual.
Bill Page is a filthy pedophile who has spent at least the last eight years saying things like this, perving on children, drooling over children, taking advantage of the innocence of childhood. He's a long time member of GirlChat, a haven for child exploitation, and the encouragement of young pedophiles who will eventually ruin the lives of children, not to mention their own. Someone like KissbyAlice for example who will never get the help he so desperately needs as long as the filth that is GirlChat is enabling the cognitive distortions and disordered thinking that allow these people like Bill Page to continue this type of behavior.
We are pedophiles so we have been forged like steel in fire and adversity. I revel in being a ped. I would have it no other way. When they finally make all this legal I am the one who will not know what to do. I am going to be the throwback, the dinosaur. There will come a day and I wish it so when I will come to a forum and people will feel pity for me since I wish to hide who I am.
Yes, I imagine he does wish to hide who he is. And perhaps the things he has said about children he's been trusted to be around. Like
she looked suddenly serious: "Pepere, I love you so much." What a declaration of trust and love. She held out her arms to be picked up and I scooped her into my arms and held her tight to me. She laid her head against my chest and I just held her lovingly while hot water streamed over us and we breathed in the steam from the room.

Visit Wikisposure to read the rest of the story of Bill Page aka Siva. And I will remind you of Bill's statements:
my affidavit, to the antis

To the antis this is what I offer you: Nothing.

Every day of my life you antis do things which I do not agree with and yet you ask me to assure you I will not do something of which you do not approve? I don't think so.

I offer you no comfort, no assurances, no promises.

These are fucking cowards who hide behind anonymity while making accusations and trying to be bad ass. Set the time and place bad ass. I will come and you best give your soul to God because your ass will belong to me.
I am created Siva
The destroyer
I am death
The dead night Tiger made whole
By the little girls he loves.
I am exposed Siva

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