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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Forbidden Realms:

"a website which is currently being examined in connection with a law enforcement investigation into the sexual exploitation of children"

That was just one of the places that Michael McCormick aka Spike was posting images he said were his niece, made much easier with the use of his cell phone.

Michael claims to have had "consensual sex" with girls as young as 4 years old and sees absolutely nothing wrong with that. Over the years he's shared many of his "girl moments" or "GM's" as the pedofreaks call them. He believed GirlChat to be his "safe haven" on the internet, so much so that he has actually bragged about the multiple children he has molested. From his own family members, to his step-daughter, niece, adopted child, children of friends, neighbors, and virtually any child he could get his hands on.
I met Susie, she was 8 yrs old when I met her. Well, as you can imagine I was getting horny after about 8 months without sex and Susie was there, I did'nt rape her, in fact, I don't think she knew what I was doing at the time
just above my house, 3 little girls moved in. I only had a few mins alone with them for the few months that I was there. I did share one sexual experience with each girl, but the 6 yr old was my favorite, (the ages were 4,6,and 10 due to the nature of this board I will not post what happened)
GirlChat has known that he's a child molester, they routinely edit his comments. Does this disturb the "girl lovers"? Nah, they're ALL filthy pedophiles. They would defend it no matter what, by either saying the girl wanted it, or in the case of rape they would merely blame society and say Michael was forced to rape her because he wasn't allowed to legally molest children. THAT is how their thinking works.

One of the really interesting things though is the appearance of Mrs. Spike:
Hello everyone, I'm the wife to the person you all know as Spike, so I will call myself Mrs. Spike, I guess I will get him to register me here since he is a moderator, as I understand it. I knew that Spike was a child-lover or MAA is that the abbraviation that you all use, from the very beginning that I met him. I was but 17 yrs old when I met Spike for the first time, and I instantly fell in love with him. He's the most gentle, loving soul I have ever met, and I don't care if I am partial! Spike told me about his attraction about week and half ago, and I simply just smiled at him and told him that I knew. I could tell when he is with Megan that he loves her so much, I'm not jealous of that love, because he's got a special love for me all his own. I'm not afraid that he might molest a little-girl I don't believe that Spike would do that, he just simply has an attraction toward girls, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Mrs Spike

Was that really Mrs. McCormick speaking? Does that sound right to you? Besides Sosen chicks, do you know of ANY woman that would knowingly be with a filthy pedophile?

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