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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Now, I'm no conspiracy theorist by any means. Quite frankly, I put most of those people in the stupid category of whom I have zero patience for. Those who believe no man ever flew into the atmosphere to land on the moon or those who think the U.S. concocted the whole 911 attacks (as if our government is that clever and adept at keeping secrets). Nope, I don’t buy it. Go figure.

However, something smells rotten in Denmark, a country whose many values systems are coincidentally shared by those in Taxachussetts (MA). Both places seem to be full of sex offender, apologizing politicians and Judges.

Repeat Sex Offender
Corey Saunders

A recent example of this is a sex offender loving Judge who allowed a level 3 sex offender to go free after serving 7 years in prison. The Judge made his case by basically suggesting the sex offender was really a pretty good guy with a low IQ, who probably just had a bad day. He let this compulsive abuser of children go back into a free society, free to rape a random, small child again. Seems that the Judge pretty much dismissed any harm this creep inflicted upon the children he abused as ‘no big deal.

Now, back to the conspiracy theories...the Judge made special note that the child rapist had not sexually assaulted anyone in 7 years.

The DOJ (Department of Justice) would surely put that on their list of non re-offending sex offenders – skewing the recidivism rates. Put that one in the -- "Score one for the baby rapers" column too! For this child hating sociopath has gone 7 whole years without sodomizing a little boy. What a swell guy! Where’s the nearest daycare center to help this poor, sodomizing, violent, child hating baby raper out? A "decent" guy, the Judge might say, who just happens to love baby boys a little too much?? (Have we not heard this ad nauseam from the pedo activists who annoy us with their inane comments on this and who are driven insane by their need for the blood of a child?)

Of course, the Judge dismissed the many experts who warned of his high risk and likelihood to rape a child again.

Here's where you have to wonder where this jerk-off Judge got his law degree, or if he has enough brain cells to put his right shoe on the right foot:


And violently raping a random 6 year old is exactly what happened when this Judge opened his heart to this dangerous child predator and trusted him to have full access to OUR CHILDREN.

Less than a year after Superior Court Judge Richard Moses let the rapist go, Corey Saunders raped a 6 year old boy in a library - in the corner of a library, where it was reported by many Boston media outlets that the little boy, completely paralyzed with fear was forced to give the man his address and was told if he told anyone, he would go to his house and rape him again. Apparently, a librarian noticed something strange and alerted his mother. (Remember, the Judge said this man had a very low IQ and was sent him on his merry way, deeming him harmless.)

Now please take special note, the former Massachusetts Governor that appointed this Judge Moses, Jane Swift, is now campaigning for Republican Treason candidate, John McCain.

Why are ACLU/sex offender supporting politicians endorsing John McCain?

One has to wonder what would happen if the truth about level 3 offenders were made public? You see, the DOJ can’t accommodate all the child rapists in prisons. They don't have the room or the resources to deal with them and loopholes make it nearly impossible to institutionalize them, so the DOJ resorts to DISHONEST information and statistics, KNOWING FULL WELL that most child rapes are NEVER reported. Their “research” is solely based on the ones that are caught by on the RAPISTS FUCKING WORD!

If the librarian hadn't of come forward about that small boy at her MA library, and later Corey Saunders was asked by his parole officer if he had had contact with a child, what do you suppose his answer would be??

It is in the DOJ's best interest to sweep this problem under the rug and claim that the SOR is managing it, but the truth is, it's not enough. THE SOR is only a tiny piece of a large puzzle where every one of our accomplishments is met by many unscrupulous people -- bad politicians – who simply want to create the illusion that they are doing everything they can to protect children when they aren't.

It is 2008 and we are only recently holding those teachers accountable for sexually terrorizing their students. Seven states are currently implementing new laws to safeguard children against predators that go into the teaching profession, in order to have easy access to children. It's hard to believe that state laws would need to invented and created in order to keep predators from assaulting children without any repercussions. Too many teachers were sexually assaulting children and then going on to teach again (and getting amnesty from the SOR). As it stands now and before new legislature prevents the continuation of this egregious act of injustice, a teacher that sexually abuses a student can go quietly, move to another district, teach again and the previous school where the unofficial charges were made simply do not get passed onto the new school.

It's also hard to believe, that teachers are fighting this kind of accountability, complaining that it puts them under too much scrutiny. God forbid, teachers are scrutinized for professional accountability and entrusting our children's safety to them.

This is an outrage but alas, the doors are about to be closed for predators that use our tax dollars to abuse our children. One by one, loopholes will be closed. Laws will be changed. Politicians will be accountable and it’s easy to do too. The more the public knows, the more they demand justice and safety for our children. This is a non-partisan issue.

We are winning, but we are also working with some people in power that don't always have children's best interests in mind, but rather look for easy solutions to atrocities that they hope only will go unreported, under-reported and unnoticed.

AZ notices though, don't we?

And we will get others to notice too. Presidential candidates will be well vetted as to whether they will sacrifice our children to rapists or if they're committed to keeping them safe. AZ is WATCHING YOU!
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