"The most amazing feeling in the world"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meet Graham Christensen

AKA Cangee from GirlChat.

Graham is obsessed with science

And little girls.

Graham is a pedophile.

In fact, Graham has little girl friends.

Graham describes his ideal girl:

9 years old with bright red-orange almost shoulder length hair with bangs down to her eyebrows, skinny, fair skin and wearing cutoff jeans, choker (!!), barefeet, and a T-shirt with JAILBAIT stenciled on the front. Intelligent, talkative and friendly but maybe a little quiet at first meeting her. Physically and verbally affectionate (loves to say "I love you"). And probably the most important, curiosity, empathy and optimism.

*sigh* I'd be set for life....if only she would stay 9
Graham says he first realized he was a pedophile when he was 14 years old but thought that made him a bad person until he discovered GirlChat and discovered that his deviant desires were perfectly normal! So normal in fact that he says:

When you really get to know the right little girl it's the most amazing feeling in the world. It's not just about her body, you love everything about her. The way she smiles and giggles at all the silly things you say warms your heart and makes your whole day worthwhile living, no matter what else has happened

Graham also replies to the question "do you ever think that it is wrong?" With this:

Nope. Attraction is a feeling, not an action. Feelings are never wrong or right, only actions can be reasonably judged as being one or the other. And my attraction has never led me to take any action that was what I consider wrong.

Considering that he doesn't think sexually abusing children is wrong, I don't have much faith in that statement personally. Especially considering the ages of children he desires:

If you're asking what the youngest age is that I'm typically attracted to, it usually drops off below 4. Although there was this one really cute sweetheart of a 3 year old I thought had the sexiest little legs and feet, along with her pretty face

I couldn't help but think about Harold Spurling and Jeffrey Brisson when Graham answered the question about whether or not anyone in his real life knew about his pedophilia

The only person who knows in real life is my roommate,
who is also a GLer.

Red flags are going off here. I wonder if the parents of those little girls he's involved with know about Graham and how they would feel about the time he spends with their daughters if they knew?

I've never had a lgf that was this affectionate! When we watch a movie she'll cuddle up on the couch with me under a blanket and pull my arm around her. I think I'm falling in love.

Please visit Graham's wikisposure page, learn more about him, please let your voice be heard by letting someone know of any children you're aware of who may be in contact with him.

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