Do you believe in monsters?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Do monsters really exist? Psychologist have a name for something similar to a monster it is a person with anti-social personality disorder. Psychologists consider personality disorders nearly incurable. This would make the psychologist version of a monster incurable. I however doubt the existence of monsters."
Danny Edwin Foster

Danny is a pedophile.

You may know him as Hierophant.

Or you may know him as Dan of Dark Forces.

You may simply know him as a monster.

One of many, who have spent years chatting it up with other monsters, other pedophiles over at GirlChat and sometimes BoyChat.

But one thing is for certain: He has many faces. Take a long hard look at his inner face so that you may recognize him. Remember his face.

Remember his words
"I know at what age children are mature enough to consent to sex. It is at the day of conception. At no time before the day of conception is a child mature enough to give consent to sex.

If a new born gets a hand job by some some retired old person and that new born demonstrates it's happiness with the interaction there is your consent. If however the newborn demonstrates it's discontent there is your rejection and the retired old person should stop."
His dreams
"Little girl dating services where big boys can meet little girls. That would be one definite mark of are emancipation.

Can you imagine this personals? I think they would look something like this.

Hi I am Alice. I am seven years old blond hair blue eyes. I weigh 60 pounds. I enjoy the power puff girls and barbie. I am looking for a man who will snuggle with me, spin me around, and give me baths."
Hi fetish
"Little girls in diapers

Not talking babies here. Talking 4 and up in diapers."
His self-absorption
"Why is it important to know the feelings of the partner before going ahead and doing something that is pleasurable? So the child didn't know. Why should we care?"
His cognitive distortions
"Step on thier toes and they sing.

Both AZ and PJ do us as a group more good than harm."

We're just doing our part Danny. Just doing our part. Glad you like it!

To learn more head over to Wikisposure and read all about Hierophant. The pedophile. The monster.
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