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Monday, February 18, 2008

Shirley, I'm not one to make a mountain into a mole hill although apparently you are. But, since I'm a nice person and I firmly believe that even the simplest of rabid animals can be enlightened, I'm going to do you a favor.

# Outstanding warrant for violation of probation charge stemming from a 2004 arrest for possession of marijuana under 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.
# Arrested multiple times on various charges, including burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly intoxication, driving under the influence, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, fraud, insufficient funds and larceny.
# Arrested in 1991 on charges of a sex offense, fondling a child under the age of 16.
# Registered sexual offender in Citrus County.
# Has absconded more than once.
# Driver's license suspended for 99 years.

And don't forget that this very same person was arrested in Kissimmee in 1991 on a charge of fondling a five-year-old child or that during a house burglary in 1978, John Couey was accused of grabbing a girl in her bedroom, placing his hand over her mouth, and kissing her.

That, my sadly misguided idiot is a tad more than just being a 'two-bit burglar with no history of violence and absolutely nothing to raise red flags'. In fact, it's everything needed to raise not just one, but a lot of red flags. And yet, you would have people believe that the person with that record, the person who later committed a violent and heinous crime in which he kidnapped a child in the night from her own bedroom, help her captive for days while raping her and then forced her into garbage bags- in which he buried the 9 year old child alive in behind his mobile home, was nothing of a danger.

After reading your 'spewed from the mouth of a rotting pile of doo' commentary titled 'Victim and Victimizer: Are They the Same?', I'm left not only with a sickening feeling in my head- but a rare glimpse of a person so confused and demented by the sexual revolution that is currently being dreamed up by rapist, child molesters and other sexually deviant freaks- who would rather the laws regarding sexual abuse of anyone be wiped away so that they can carry on their hearts desires- that she can't see the truth for what it is. Couey was no innocent man lost only because of a drug problem. He was a vile creature waiting for a chance to muster the courage to carry out his heinous daydreams.

You said, and let me quote your insanity on this one:
This case was presented to a nation in such a manner as to induce public hysteria. It is time for us to remember that this is America where that sort of thing will not be tolerated.
For the health and welfare of this nation we had a right to know that the search was for a junkie rather than a sex fiend. Such careless, political power play has done irreparable harm to our country.

Let me remind you... he had a past history of sexual offenses. He broke into that home that horrible night- not to look for drugs, not to steal money... but to snatch a child from her bed. And after fillfulling that need- he didn't trade her for drugs, didn't ransom her out for money to buy drugs- but rather held her hostage for days acting out his cruel sexual desires. And even then, he didn't return her home, didn't walk away from her... didn't even allow her to walk away-

He raped her on this bed, leaving her blood and DNA

he bound her with this cord:

placed her in these bagsAnd buried her alive.

That is not a junkie... it's the deliberate acts of a sexual fiend who cared so little about the life of his victim he willingly tossed her away as if she was trash.

You continue to spew your filth by giving the suggestion of what should happen in families where sexual offender have taken as a victim of their own relatives:
The hunger for revenge is what keeps these incidents as front-burner items. There are high-profile individuals who will tell you that a child deserves what he or she gets if they aren't willing to give up a loved one for 25 years. This is typical thinking for someone who has not experienced the situation. Most kids are not going to buy in to a 25-year future of public misery. We bide our time until we can walk away legally. The family is intact and there is no stigma. It is called survival.

We bide our time? What, the public, the loving members of the family, and the child should just turn their heads, and continue living with the sexual abuse until the child is old enough to walk away? I'm suppose to look at a child and tell her 'I'm sorry your daddy rapes you every night, but just grin and bare it till you're old enough to move out'? What the fuck sort of help is that? NO Shirley, let me tell you how we save that child the proper way- we take the monster who is hurting the child, and send their sorry nasty ass to prison, then we surround the child with love, care and concern- helping them heal by undoing all of the mental abuse they experienced- also known as 'grooming' and assuring them that they aren't at fault for what was done to them. We extend a hand to them, leading them cautiously through their journey to become survivors- and rejoice as they taste life without the constant fear of 'daddy' coming over every night and raping them.

Of course you would see it a tad differently than I would- but I think most will understand it's because one of us is intent on helping stop these sexual predators- and you still open your bed to one.

So, to answer your question: Victim and Victimizer, are they the same?... I have to say, no way in hell.
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