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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Derek Logue is a master of it. And apparently it is the ONLY thing he's mastered aside from blame gaming. Now he presumes to lecture "media hounds" on the proper use of the word pedophile and claims there can be no such thing as a "convicted pedophile". Why? Well a couple of reasons, one is that pedophiles CAN control themselves according to Derek Logue, the convicted child molester. Also according to this wacked-out-victim-blaming-piece-of-shit-cockroach one can't be a convicted pedophile because pedophilia is a medical diagnosis.

Pedophilia is also a common word. It has a common meaning which is "sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object". It's in Websters. Look it up.

A part of semantics is also the study of how words evolve. My contention is that words mean what society decides they mean. "Gay" for example. This is really unimportant though because we all know that "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" and "A pedo by any other name would smell as foul". The name doesn't change what it is.

I recognize that it is important to someone like Derek Logue however because he doesn't want that word associated with himself, despite the fact that he admitted he was attracted to a child. And despite the fact that he molested that child, and then spent years online blaming her and everyone else for his crime while associating with and defending known and admitted pedophiles - he doesn't want anyone to think that about him. He prefers to minimize:
"Very few Registrants are clinically diagnosed with pedophilia"
When we consider the sex offender defender mantra has been that sex offenders are not routinely assessed to determine if they are or are not pedophiles. No registry is going to say "he was a pedophile" and therefore Derek has absolutely no knowledge whatsoever regarding how many offenders are pedophiles and even if he did - that knowledge would be wasted on a fool like Derek.

I generally just shake my head in disbelief at this pathetic and despicable excuse for a man but then he always manages to outdo himself with attempts to lecture people with convoluted statements like this
Stop assuming every registrant is a pedophile and misusing the term. You have done enough damage by misusing and abusing this term.
"You have done enough damage"


How about this one:
How about a little truth in addressing this issue? Fanning the flames of blind hate and stupidity has not helped matters

Okay, I'll give you a little truth. Derek Logue is nauseating on his best days. He should quit fanning the pain of those who have been devastated by stupid selfish demented pricks like him by saying such profoundly idiotic things. It has not helped matters.
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