Stranger Danger Tips 101

Monday, July 10, 2006

The situation all parents fear is abduction - especially when on the way to & from school - where we may not always know where they are.

Tips to teach kiddies:

If someone in a car asks directions - move away from the car & yell if necessary

If a car is following you slowly - run in the opposite direction. You can turn quicker than they can

Your Address & mobile phone number

Where safe houses are

To go into a shop

To SCREAM at the top of their voice - WORDS: 'that hurts' is always good

To be aware of their environment - the cars, people, houses etc on their trip

To occasionally (by agreement with parents) to change their route

To trust their danger feelings

To ride a bike.

Have a code word - that only you and your kids know - agree that if someone has to pick them up other than you - they will say the code word. The dogs name is a good one for small kids.
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