'Warning him first to not tell anyone'

Sunday, July 05, 2009

"When you at home,go to your bedroom,to make sure close the blind or curtains

to be safe don't let anyone getting caught you,while you looking out the window with your binacular."

....Says Mark Speary A.K.A. Boypower, offering advice to his fellow perverts at BoyMoment, he goes on:

"yeah I have been looking out the window to checking out the little boy just twice,last month I went to my mum and dad house while their on hoilday noone at home just me on own"

So he goes to his parents house to perv on the children which live next door. Marks posts on BoyMoment reflect a dangerous pattern of behavior and the abuse of trust, that friends and family have placed in him. Here, he talks openly about his sexual attraction to toddlers and little boys:
YEAH!!!!!!! me toooooooo I love little sexy toddler

and little boy age 2 to 5 like to see toddler wear diaper,like to tickle and cuddle with them

I like to see toddler wear diaper on with running

around in the room with funny things to make me laughter. and if toddler's diaper were fall down after running around,I will be wide open eyes to see his cute size small willy

I like little boy has got small penis

and can help him in the bath and wash doing for him why !!!! I like small penis well because the small penis is very sweet,nice small willy and beautiful cute and not big penis because too much for me

Some of Marks posts on online are a stories about what he's done with children:
At the wedding party,my aunty (of my mum's oldest sister)came to me with her grandson kia,she said"would you mind and please can you take kai to the toilet beacuse he need peeing".I could see him and he was hold.I said" yeah of course I don't mind I can take him.my aunty said" oh thanks" I took him to the toilet,I open the toilet lid,then pull he pants down and hold his penis, I could see peeing down the toilet,when kai finished the peed,shake he penis to get dry put his pants on and then went back to the wedding party again. I know I'm naught boy and noone know
James was invitation his 10 friends came over for his birthday party,all the boys age was about 5 to 10 years old, cool that's was fun :P after the birthday games.kat asked james and the boys,she said"go get change put your swimming trunk on getting ready for watergun-fight"james and the boys were happy and excited,the boys went to the lounge,I was be very careful to checked on my sister and kat,their was in the kitchen with washing up and chatted up.I was slowly and sneak to checked the boys what up to them in the lounge,I was caught,the boys was took their clothes off and to made me hard,wide eyes my tongue was come out of my mouth and couldn't believe it saw the boys was nude,their were so hottie and cute
If he were given the opportunity...
If little boy ask me,would like to touch ,I may say yes or no and If I ask him to touch him,If he say no,I will say 'that's it fine no problem' and will accept him not to touching him because can be risk, do not want to getting trouble to make sure be safe.or If he would like me to touch him well I have to warning him first to not tell anyone
People who take advantage of children sexually, use their victims silence as a weapon to keep them trapped.
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