'I accepted immediately'

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Part of what makes the freaks at places like BoyChat and GirlChat, the distorted freaks that they are, is the way that they consciously make the decision to accept and embrace their pedophilia, with no regard for the potential consequences of their decision. They begin the process of rationalization, attempting to convince themselves that sexually molesting children is ethically sound, and that it's really society which is out of wack - not their sexual desire to touch children inappropriately.

An unregistered poster on BoyChat "nightcold", raised the topic of 'the self-acceptance of pedophilia' and the freaks lined up to put their two-cents in:

When did you accept you were a bl?

I started to come to accepting that I was a bl when I was 23. I couldn't hide it from myself and some how admitting that I was a bl, not gay or striaght or bi, made me happier.
While admitting you have a problem is generally the first step to addressing it properly, properly is not the way someone who calls themselves a "BL" handles the matter.

As for your question people here seem to define 'accept' as two things; one being when you knew you liked boys, the other being when you came to terms with liking boys. I guess both are right, but I will go with the latter.

I didn't truly begin to come to terms with being a fixated homosexual pedophile until I met others like me.
This is a good case and point as to why places like BoyChat and GirlChat are harmful. "Until I met others like me", they feed into each others distortions and sickness.

at 13 I realized most my attraction was for the younger ones.

I accepted immediately, as I was sure that I was right and the rest of the world was stupid or lost... a belief that has been with me my whole life.
A whole life that's missing a conscience.

I knew I was a BL from about age 12 or so but never truly accepted my orientation until I was in my 40s.
"Orientation" is not the word for it.

When did I accept I was a BL? My first impulse is to say "Never". It has a lot to do with not wanting to constrain myself by accepting any one label as the be-all and end-all description of my being. I accept there are parts of me that are very heavily BL. I try to not indulge those parts, mainly since to do so is to potentially risk ruining my life.

Greencrystal, a BL, and so much more!
"I try not to indulge those parts," he writes on BoyChat, it may 'risk ruining his life', but there's no mention of how his actions would affect others or their life, because there's no concern. Greencrystal is so far into denial, that the only thing which keeps him from acting out on his desires is the potential threat to his own future. All people like this need is a momentary lapse in judgement or for a situation to arise where they feel confident enough that they can get away with it, for them to act.

They're left accepting that they're pedophiles and convincing themselves (and each other) that their behavior is acceptable. Like a loaded gun pointed at a child.
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