What's Wrong With This Picture?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We spoke here about Rook's Public Service Announcement. Essentially Rook is telling his paedophile buddies how much damage they are doing to the 'movement' by using child porn and molesting children. Apparently his podcast on this topic isn't getting enough traffic so his pal Vertical Horizontal begs the paedophile community to check it out. He says:

I know and you know the laws are unfair and it is all too easy for us to simply refuse to follow them as conscientious objectors.

The only problem is that every picture you download, every faux boy or girl you chat up in a chat room, every relationship you get into that crosses the line you set up not only yourselves for problems later, but you are making yourself a dagger aimed right at the heart of this community you say you love so much.

This goes out especially to those of us who have chosen to become activist. Check your computers for anything that can and will be used against you once a big enough stir has been created. Go over your personal life for anything that can become a battering ram with which to destroy you later.

What is wrong with this picture?
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