Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rookiee the brainiac thinks Daydreamer is a guy. He gets very disturbed when people mispell his name and he apparantly didn't like that post about him. He had this to say:
What about all the minors who ask to meet up with adults? Are they predators? Of course not, so how can it automatically be true vice-versa? "They don't know any better". If that's true, how can Perverted Justice employ them to entrap adults? If someone stalks, harasses and attempts to strike fear in someone, manipulating and forcing them to comply with their will, then I can agree that they are a predator. But, guess what guys? I'm seeing the same type of predatorial tactics being used on us by none other than yourselves!

Hey Rookieeeeee, why don't you go to perverted justice and read the actual transcripts of how these things go down? And then try again to convince everyone that it's the children begging old fuddy duddy sexual deviants to meet up with them. Then you can go back and change your name to Rookiee the idiotic brainiac.
You guys are vigilantes and are bordering breaking the law to further your hatred and bigotry, and I will not tolerate your actions.


Don't f*** with me.

Hey you brain infarcted pervert.
We aren't vigilantes.
We aren't breaking the law.
Neither are we bigots or hate mongers.

"You won't tolerate our actions?"

Just checking to make sure I heard you correctly.
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