Like a Rainbow

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earlier this week we talked about how Cheryl Griffiths, the mother a sex offender, was bitter because a parent whose daughter had been abducted and murdered was keeping the public's attention on the case in the hopes of finding her daughters murderer. Attacks on the parents of children who have been murdered and sexually abused certainly aren't anything new from sex offender activists.

As sick as it seems, men like John Walsh, Mark Lunsford and Ron Book are considered "fair game" amongst sex offender activists for tasteless-jokes and attacks like this:

Tikibug AKA Mary Duval claims that John Walsh should be "on a registry for child neglect" and that his "ignorance shows through like a rainbow."

Then here we have convicted child sex offender Kevin Meier and Mary talking about how "hurtful words" can be for mothers whose children have grown up to be sex offenders:

Duval will probably never understand how or where she contradicts herself, but let's take this as an opportunity to help "educate her ignorance" a little and break this down to a level which the likes of Duval may be able to understand (I did say may):
  • Mary and other sex offender activists think it's acceptable to attack and make jokes about people like John Walsh and Mark Lunsford whose children have been murdered and sexually abused and who consequently got laws passed in the hopes of preventing other cases like their own.
  • Mary and other sex offender activists consider anyone a vigilante who criticizes comments made by sex offender activists trying to get laws changed, claiming that their criticism is "harassment and stalking."
If the sex offender activists consider what we say about them an act of vigilantism, then what is it when they attack survivors and victims - their hypocrisy shines through... like a rainbow.
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