"The Rape of Her Daughters"

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pedophile activists will often try to claim that they don't support raping children. Take for example, Dissident of GirlChat in his most recent post about Absolute Zero:

"No MAA that I have EVER known has supported the use of force or coercion to achieve sexual activity with a younger person, and THAT is what the TRUE definition of "rape" is."

Some pretty bold words coming from someone who posts on a messageboard for perverts.

While any clear thinking person can tell you that any sexual contact with a child is exploitative; Dissident's whole rationalization of pedophilia being acceptable hangs by a thread on the belief that it isn't so (but that's a whole other blog post).

The man pictured above is another one of those "MAA's," you know, the ones which wouldn't dream of raping a child? His name is Michael Herbert and he was a member of Mr.Double.com under the name Abear. Herbert fancies himself as an author, and he writes stories for demented minds like those that post at GirlChat.
"This is my collection of stories, a compilation of experiences, imagination, fantasies and suggestions."
"We were sharing fantasies and story ideas through email, and she told me how she got off on stories of her daughters being raped and all, so I put a story together called "The Rape of Her Daughters." She helped me with the story, giving ideas and suggestions, and it came out pretty good.

I guess this could be looked at as a self-promotion, but I did enjoy the story. The premise is that a guy breaks into their house, ties up the mom and makes her watch him rape her two daugters."

But remember: "Pedophiles just love children, no "MAA" would ever think of raping a child..."

Herbert also shares his views on the virginity of children:
"There is a special place there where the kids can have sex with an adult, and the adults are people from Heaven, who have lived a good life and are given the gift of taking the virginity of the kids as their reward. "
There's a "special place" called prison where all child rapists will eventually find themselves - hopefully serving life sentences.
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