Waiting for Change

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"For those who believe sex should have no age restrictions and are waiting for the day they can express their love for their partner no matter the age under majority in a sexual way. How long are you willing to wait for that to be allowed?"
How long would you be willing to wait? Clolibre asks the BoyChatters. Here's how they replied:

Venting in Venice
"I'm not, it won't happen...nt"
"Why wait?"
Pedophiles will often claim that they don't pose a threat to children; but when they're asked how long they'd be prepared to wait, the answer they give is that they're not going to wait.


"Right now the best thing we can aim for is to go back into obscurity. Darkness is good, better always."
"what is the alternative?"
They never consider the possibility that the problem isn't with society criminalizing child molestation, but with the thoughts that go through their heads; they don't care if their actions are destructive. Society will never change, just as pedophiles who molest children will sooner or later be caught and find themselves behind bars.
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