'Lust Desires and Energies'

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ask any GirlChatter (or BoyChatter for that matter) what differentiates a pedophile from a child molester, and they'll tell you that the difference is that pedophiles "just looooooove children."

Kinda like this recent post on GirlChat:

"I argued that there was a very definite difference between ped's and predators, and I pointed out to them using other OT examples the way that the media twists things and deceives the public.

I went on to argue the possible benefits of child/adult relationships, from the aspect of mentoring, role models, and the genuine giving of extra-familial love and support.

I kind of left it at that, not wanting to push my luck."
It's interesting how many contradictions you can find on the GirChat index page on any given day; Each, being applauded by the same idiots, who moments ago were saying something just the opposite. They can never keep their story straight...

A couple of threads further on down the GirlChat index page:

"Now my first stupidity…
In another earlier post, I wrote that I had met another LG called A. who is a friend of K. What was I thinking? So I got K. who is cute and sexy, then why exactly do I need another little friend?"
"Well, guess what? I solved the problem. I no longer talk to A. From now on, all of my lust desires and energies will go to my pretty K. She’s the only one who I want to spend my time with while at the same time ignoring the other LGs around. Lastly, I want to say that I don’t find K. romantically attractive but I do find her very sexy, I mean, she’s developing a great body and I think she’s using a training bra. Moreover, I like to interact socially with her while at the same time admiring all of her features. Yum."
Pedophiles like kids because they have a sexual desire for their undeveloped bodies. There's no "love for children," that's a lie they want to believe. As hard as they try to maintain it - the weakly pinned together facade of "Childlove," eventually falls apart at the seams.
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