We knew in our hearts about Donald Shepherd

Friday, June 19, 2009

Donald Shepherd A.K.A. Douglas Shepherd's grandmother:

"He did have a tendency toward little girls," she said. "We tried to steer him away. We hoped he was straightening up but we knew in our hearts."

It came as no surprise for us here at Absolute Zero to hear that GirlChat poster and nanny, Donald Shepherd was sexually abusing the children he was being employed and trusted to care for. Just look at some of the things he was saying on GirlChat and BoyChat:

Donald Shepherd A.K.A. Emovocals
It would seem that most parents won't even consider a male to care for their children. It would seem that any man who shows interest in domestic duties or children has to be either homosexual or pedosexual, and they almost always have alterior motives.

Hah Hah. I Scoff at you twice american. Scoff Scoff. Lol.

People can be so stupid. I was offered tso postions today and both have all little girls. One says that she Applaudes my boldness because it rare to find male nanny.
Donald Shepherd A.K.A. Emovocals
You guys will never believe this, but its the truth. I have landed a job with a mom that looks like she’s my age, and is absolutely Gorgeous. A 7yo little girl and the rest boys. I think its going to be sweet. To make things even better. She’s a pinup model.
Donald Shepherd A.K.A. Emovocals
Most of you know my position though. I have two children in my current position and I walk them to school and such. I get to see all the cute boys that go to school there. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous lol.
A post titled "Pedophile Activism:"
So, I have been thinking lately. Since my career as a Nanny. There I have said it, is over. I thought I would bet back into what really matters. Bing that this is a huge part of my life, and there is no way to change that. I thought I might looking into activism.....
Donald had trouble written all over him - an admitted pedophile, exploiting peoples trust, working as a caregiver for children. His family (or at least his grandmother) was aware that he had a sexual interest in children, and just hoped that he'd "straighten up" on his own, while he was left to post on pedophile forums like GirlChat and BoyChat. Now, Donald has sexually exploited two children (probably more) and is, at the least, looking at a long stretch of time in the slammer.

Now let's go to GirlChat 2009 - just a few days ago another poster there, "Justincredible:"
Ok long story short my family is trying to have me committed. they have went to the court and all written out statements saying that i admitted to them that i was a pedophile and that they believe i may be a danger to myself or someone else. (i know i shouldn't have told)
any advice at all would be greatly appreciated, should i just leave and not go? should i turn myself in and try to work with them? i'm really lost right now, please help.
Obviously, he's looking for help in all the wrong places, that goes without saying - take a look at the advice his pedopals give him:

Unless you have the money to pay for a good lawyer to fight this in court, you're gonna be screwed. It is a VERY uphill battle to fight against psychiatric commitment in the USA, and the worst is when your family is putting the request forward (rather than fighting it). And unless your idea of a life is to spend the rest of your life under numbing down, and dumbing down drugs, you really don't wanna be committed.

You will have to leave your state, period. And preferrably the USA itself.

So… step by step…
Why get professional psychiatric help for your problem and try to live a healthy life, when you can deny there's anything wrong with you and flee the country?

In an ideal world, fighting such an order would be the best route.

Unfortunately your recent behavior in the past has been rash and in light of our present environment; self-destructive. ( Like going off on your young friend because she had a BF.)
You need to speak to an attorney to find out what your rights are, preferably one who is concerned with civil liberties. I am not sure what the laws are where you live, but I will say you were foolish to act the way you did when you socialize and work with kids. Common sense could have prevented much of this, as would not coming out to a family who you surely knew was not very open minded to begin with. I don't know you, so I don't know if you're actually prone to forcing yourself on a child.
Although you haven't committed a crime, I do agree that if the courts deem you a danger than can and will commit you against your will, and given the current hysteria against our kind...
Here's what they say about his family:

AFTER convincing your family and the authorities that you do not pose a danger to children, and after the "order of apprehension" no longer is in effect, THEN move far, far away from your family and start a new life, and be more circumspect there.
Finally. If I were in your shoes, I would disown my family. With family like that who needs enemies? And I wouldn't walk away from them quietly.
His family is acting to help their son deal with his problem before he acts out, affecting the lives of children, and effectively ruining the rest of his own life, like someone else we know...

Donalds family knew about him too, but they didn't try to do anything.
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