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Friday, June 26, 2009

Russell Christie III used to moderate a website in the form of a message board, called the "North American Man Girl Love Association" (NAMGLA), which served as an internet portal for pedophiles - advertising and linking to child pornography. Some of Russell's posts on the NAMGLA website (he made 2,500 of them) "included shots of young girls giving adult males oral sex, photographs of children being raped, and written posts about becoming aroused while changing a baby’s diaper."

Last November, he was convicted of distributing child pornography. When he went into court earlier this week, Russell Christie was potentially facing a 30-year prison term. Until a woman testified that Christie had sexually abused her throughout her childhood:

The woman, now 28, said her encounters with Christie began when she was 9 and lived next to the campground. She said he would invite her to his home to play video games - invitations, she said, that at the time seemed innocent.

But the video game sessions soon turned to fondling, she said. By the time she was 12, Christie was plying her with alcohol and drugs in order to have sex with her and to take nude photographs of her, she said.

When her contact with him ended when she was 19, the woman said, she was heroin junkie who would travel to Newark and Paterson to buy drugs with money and transportation Christie provided in exchange for sex, she said.

"He turned me into a drug addict - a lot of hurt, a lot of pain," said the woman, who broke down several times on the witness stand. "It has destroyed any relationship that I could have with any man."

Following the testimony of Christie's victim, now a survivor, the judge tripled Christies prison term into 90 years in Federal Prison (there's no parole in the federal system, so it's effectively a life sentence). Here's what the freaks have to say about people who have been victimized by child sexual abusers:

I'd be afraid of the consequences: the legal and social consequences, firstly for the child - all the trauma that she would go through being brainwashed into thinking she was a 'victim', and all the rest of the crap, and secondly for my own sake.
If you discover the activity and turn them in, in the name of respecting the law, then the man's life is without doubt ruined. This is a given. But, there is another serious consequence. Consider what happens to the child, who will most certainly become a victim of brutal psychotheraputic braiwashing, which has as its stated goal, a requirement that the child must become a "survivor". This means that the child will have to learn to hate the man she once played with, perhaps harmlessly, and with all innocence, and feel the activities they engaged in were the epitome of evil.
Now you have almost everyone thinking that they were a "victim" of something from their childhood. I'd sure be pissed if I thought I was victimized in my childhood, but if I were to think of it as not problematic, but as a part of humanity, then it will not be problematic, but only to those who see it that way.
I get so fucking tired of seeing these ugly-ass child abuse women shouting death and destruction to all pedophiles just because some pervert cockroach did you-know-what to them when they were little girls, and how pedophiles are the new "terrorists" on the lives of innocent children.
They "help" victims of sexual abuse by deciding everything for them because the abuse made them unable to decide for themselves. You guys got water-eyes from all the bullshit smell yet?! Is it any wonder why abuse victims put a gun in their mouth - they're made to feel even shittier than they already do!

I send a clear message to these stupid assclowns: It ain't the awful memories or humiliation that fucked you up; it's pure lack of self-support. You ain't dead, you ain't a paraplegic, and you're still alive. Start living the life you want to live without blaming anyone and then you'll really recover from abuse.
From an online radio show for sexual offenders:

If you asked sex offender and pedophile activists, victims just "want" or "choose" to "hold onto what happened to them," as if it's a choice that can be made - how sexual abuse effects them. Or claim that society's somehow "brainwashed" them into being a victim.

As for Russell Christie, here's what FBI's Weysan Dun, who heads the bureau's New Jersey office, had to say about him:
"We cannot give the victims back their innocence," Dun said, "but what we have done is ensure that this man will never see another day of freedom.

"Society can take comfort in knowing that Russell Christie will never have the opportunity to hurt or exploit another child again.”
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