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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rewind back to early last year, Blogspot was listed as a Corporate Sex Offender, it was infested with nests of pedophile activist's who'd set up blogs advocating adult/child sexual relationships, blogs which included Steve Diamonds. That was until the Anti's on Blogspot, like ACME, AZ and Violet, did something about it - Now, no more pro-pedoblogs on Blogspot

mission complete,

move on,



Not Steve Diamond, he recently released the very first episode of his "Culture Shock Podcast" on YouTube.

The episode which is nine YouTube videos long, consists almost entirely of Steve moaning about how important he thought his pro-pedophile blogs were, and rants and surprise at how anyone would want to delete them. We've cut out some of the best bits, so that you can listen to them here for yourself:

Steve Diamond:

I remember thinking to myself, how could anyone be so vicious so hateful so, so incredibly dismissive of all human compassion to just come in and take something like that away from people, just callously and heartlessly tear it away just steal it

Interesting how Steve Diamond can be so angry and hurt after simply loosing his blogs; Yet he can't imagine how anyone could be bothered or upset by a child being molested and abused, by some sick pervert making excuses for his/her behavior, like Steve Diamond.

Steve finishes' up his podcast talking about how the "hate group shot themselves in their own foot" by getting his blogs deleted; No Steve we didn't shoot ourselves in the foot, we got you and 50+ of your scummy pedopals, deleted from Blogspot - the Blogspot Blog Bandits cleaned the house, and hi-jacked the pedoblogs.
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