Boimatt Stabs Himself in Hospital Parking Lot

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who could forget BoyMoment moderator and CJAT administrator, Boimatt AKA Kevin Morrissey? See the details below:

Chase Suspect Stabs Self In Hospital Parking Lot

FREMONT, Neb. -- A law enforcement pursuit which started in Washington County ended in a hospital parking lot Thursday afternoon.

The subject of the chase, Kevin T. Morrissey, 55, was wanted on an outstanding warrant for possession of obscene material out of Washington State, the Nebraska State Patrol said.

Morrissey was stopped on suspicion of speeding in Blair around 1:30 p.m. Thursday. After a check of Morrissey's license information, the trooper approached the vehicle again, but Morrissey took off, authorities said.

During the subsequent chase, spike strips were used to deflate the tires on Morrissey's car. He eventually struck a semitrailer before crashing into a car in the parking lot of the Fremont Area Medical Center in Dodge County.

Authorities said Morrissey then started cutting his neck and stabbed his leg as officers approached. His injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

Washington and Dodge County authorities, as well as the Nebraska State Patrol, were involved in the pursuit.

As of mid-afternoon, a section of the parking lot at the Fremont Area Medical Center remained roped off with police tape.

And what a surprise that he was wanted for possession of obscene material, when he was saying things like this on BoyMoment and CJAT:
do you think they [boys] know they are sexy and do you think they are just flaunting with what they have, or are they 'trolling'?"

So does having CP, viewing, or enjoying it make you a bad person? How? Does it make the producer of it bad? How?

I have never found images with xif info on them, so I would have to guess they were all film.... the colorizaton seems to be film too..

Nice to see justice find another person well deserving of it. By the sounds of things he's eager to avoid prison time, so who knows who or what he may be prepared to give up to try and save his own skin?
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