Alice Day 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wikisposure celebrates Alice Day 2010 with some fresh new Wikisposure articles for members of the pedophile activist community:

Raimund Wild

"I state Boy-LOVE and they accuse me of using it as a codeword for child sexual abuse. However this is not what I stand for. When I use the word LOVE I do mean LOVE and not SEX. And in the same token one has to begin to define CHILD restricted to a person below the age of puberty and teenage years, and not call a 15 or 17- year-old a “Child”."

Mavrick AKA Daniel Bellows

"In the church that I serve we have five bls [pedophiles] that I know of, and perhaps more that have not come forward as of yet. There are two of them that work with the youth group on a regular basis.... They told me of thier orientation and I have not held that against them. If they want to work with the youth group, fine, but they must adbide by the rules that all the other adult sponsers do."

WikidJuggalo101 AKA Michael Koza

"what would u do if your syf (Special Young Friend) said, "i love u"?

"My YF says those words all the time i say it back to him""

Technikal AKA Glenn Whittaker

"Topic: Emo boys

"Emo boys are just sooooooooo hot...and interesting....""

Joe Power

"Once again I will assert that the persecution of man/boy relationships is a symptom of a much deeper societal disease - the artificially manipulated fear of sexual freedom..."

Wzzzy AKA Steve McNabb

"I have a YF, and we are not sexual....but anyone can see our deep love for each other...I, as the adult, have chosen not to be sexual with him...he wants to be sometimes...but that would be unfair for him at this point in his life....and I will not take advantage of his vulnerability(sp)"

Tim Merrigan

In response to a story written about a drugged girl, Tim replies:

"Left leaving her unconscious and naked on the floor? He could have at least left her laid out on the bed, ready for the next guy. (And left the door open to show she wasn't being used at the moment.)"

PersonInMyOwnEyes AKA John-Paul Vitale

"If anything, I'd probably say "just once". As weird as it might sound, I feel, being her father, that I should be the one to take her virginity but that it should only be a 1-time thing. Most people probably find this weird but that's how I feel right now."

Libertarian777 AKA Robert Stotzky

"Sexuality and attraction is a touchy subject. I should know. I am after all a "girllover" of sorts myself, but not a pedophile. My attraction is not to prepubescent children, but to teenagers, adolescents. More specifically teenage girls. But when you're 30 that's bad enough in the minds of most people."

Ch0hag AKA Matthew King

"To me, thinking about sex with little girls other than the one I want to

be my girlfriend is somehow disrespectful or (for want of a better word) adulterous.

On the other hand, I feel (slightly?) ashamed when I fantasize about her because she herself is much more important to me than the one small part of her that is to do with sex."

Hugger AKA Walter Davis

BoyChat Member

Redpalm AKA Randy Higby

"Leo, I knew a little 9 year old girl quite a few years back that loved to have her bottom rubbed and spanked! She layed across my lap several times and let me spank her. She had the cutest little bubble butt to spank. I loved it and would love to discuss this topic with you soon."

Happy Alice Day!
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