Writing Lies to Swim in

Monday, May 04, 2009

Steven Nichols is a self described musician, he runs a website which features free downloadable copies of music he's pieced together from various audio clips.

What Steven doesn't mention on his website though, is that he also posts regularly on GirlChat under the screen-names 41, Fortyone, Black Jesus and Father Juice. In fact, Steven Nichols has even considered producing his own "Girl Love Mix Album:"

I've yet to make my great "girl love mix album" - I just keep creating individual songs.. But i'm working my mix album out in my head- taking note of the different things i want to use, and how i want to intigrate them and connect everything... I'd like to be able to do it completely live- on the turntables and cd players. I dream of one day playing it in front of a "GC" party.. You know, silly shit like that- but i have made quite a lot of songs.. Most of them (not all, but most) are about little girls and girl love.. and i've sampled everything from bob hope talking about a petticoat, to alex trebek (host of Jeopardy) talking about thrid graders.
Steven doesn't just make pedophile music:
I remember the first girl i had a long relationship with (she is the sister of my brother's best friend andthey lived next door - sadly nothing more then that, as far as me and her becomming really good friends- let alone anything beyond that) anyway she was 8 and she's 11 now.. so..

Around that time i started amassing a huge collection of illegal porn, which i deleted completey the day before i turned 18 - just to be that much more carefull..

I have two main interest's little girls and music.
As i was trying to describe my feelings for my 7yr old cousin Kelli to my mom after she found out about my posting on gc, i once described my love for her as sort of "romantic love" -- Keep in mind i didnt come all the way out to her.. I would only go as far as to say things like "i love children, i get along great with children, i tend to get along better with girls then boys, she just makes me happy, it's nothing sexual, nothing sexual at all" etc.. But at certain points she just stirred such emotion in me, i guess i got sort of angry.. Then sorta like instataneoulsy and almost subconsciously i might have adbandoned some of my fear and concerns and words like romantic love come from my mouth.. But i can still hear her "ewwww" that she made when i uttered that word.. 'romantic' .. See she obviously thinks romance is strictly man/woman classic peer aged boy/girl fall in love... and that for a man to have romantic feelings for a child, seeing as how children could never recipricate such feelings or understand such feelings, that means they want to take advantage of and molest that child.. She'll never understand how kelli makes me feel.. Frankly i'm not even sure i want her to.. fuck her. The quagmire society is stuck in is too deep, too strong..
As we try to lift it up, we tear off our arms.. Let me keep my arms to play games with kelli.. and write lies to swim in.. So be it..
and a tight pair of white cotton pantys on underneath..And she's horny.

White cotton ones are the absolute best.. on girls of all ages.. I've been thinking alot lately of how much i aodre a white cotton panty claid ass..
Mmm'mm.. The attraction has some basis no doubt in the hiding of the precious.. the mystery of the un-known and the lure of what could be underneath i suppose.. but thats all subconscious.. Whats the conscious attraction?? I just love the way it looks.. And simple white cotton is certainly more 'girlie' then say silk, or laced designs and thats why i like to see them on women.. And well, it doesnt nessecarily have to be white cotton.. But cotton is very important..
Steven has a plan to gain access to children:
As far as making small strides and one day we will be better off i say phewey. The only thing to do is to conform enough to take a wife( alot harder for some of us then others) and have oodles of kids and some will be girls and there ya go theres your lg
Incest doesn't even bother him:
What I'm saying is that the incestual sexual actions themselves never directly caused the harm any past cultures associated with incest. We're not repulsed when we think of incest simply because our minds immediately jump to the thought of two-headed babies, no, we're immediately repulsed at the very notion of the physical act of sexual pleasure... Because we've been inculcated to believe or feel that sex is, in very many respects if not all, very very very negative.
Be sure to read the Wikisposure article on GirlChat's own "Musician" Steven Nichols.
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