Six Cowards Attack One Father = Derek's Heroes

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last month, convicted rapist William Meacham, his four siblings and a friend attacked, 35 year old and father of two, Adrian Porter for posting copies of William's and other local sex offenders, registration information warning families at the apartment complex where he and his family were residing.

"William Meacham, 30, his younger siblings Brandon, Justin, Stephanie and Angela, and family friend Marvin Snyder, attacked Adrian Porter in Seneca Falls last month, leaving him severely injured with brain trauma, a broken nose and facial fractures, authorities said." "Police say it's surprising Porter even survived, given the severity of the attack.

Porter, 35, was left unconscious in the complex's parking lot, spent weeks in a Rochester hospital and was recently transferred to a rehabilitation center."

"With a group like that Porter never stood a chance"
The sex offender activists are known for their complaints about vigilantism against sex offenders, let's see what they have to say when it's a sex offender and his crew of cockroaches doing the attacking:

Corrupted Justice (a self described "anti-vigilante" organization) member and convicted child molester, Derek Logue claims that six people beating a man to within an inch of his life, should come as a warning to people who blog about pedophiles and sex offender activists on the internet:

For all of you who think its such a great idea to harass or threaten Former Offenders (people like Brett Franklin, evilclownwithabat [and no BALLS], Stitches77, Tracy "Wasp Ohio" Golden, Donny "coldgrapecrush," Chris Brocious, Xavier Von Erck, Mr. Punch the sissy, and others), I strongly suggest you think TWICE about what you are doing.
The way Derek tells it, Porter actually attacked six people outside of his own apartment with a machete because one was listed as a sex offender - not the other way around (but who said blame gamer logic had to make any sense):

I don't feel even remotely sorry for Porter. You harassed someone and threatened him with a machete. Just like how members of Absolute Zero United and Perverted Justice threaten and harass someone, only anonymously. But it backfired. Unlike that kid beaten by that crazy crackhead in Washington, this man fought back, and beat the viggie senseless. Vigilante justice is dangerous work.

Six slugs with a history of run-ins with the law, brutally beat a concerned parent leaving him laying unconscious in a parking lot with facial fractures and a possible brain injury, for warning families about dangerous people in the neighborhood - Nuh, I wouldn't expect a man who gets sexual pleasure from molesting a little girl to understand or feel any form of sympathy for him.

Child pornography collector and pedophile activist, Nigel Leigh Oldfield:

It's Payback Time.

Yea, that makes perfect sense - how dare someone list a persons face and name next to something they were convicted of doing.

In the "Sex Offender Support and Education Network" (frighteningly enough, this is the group Sarah Tofte used to gather her information on Sex Offender Laws for her report) Pitball posts:

Say's it all, doesn't it? From a group of people which claims to live in constant fear of "vigilante justice."

How does it compare to the reaction from BoyChat?

What a pity
They didn't kill him!
This is a 'good news' story
I hope to hear and read about many more stories just like this one, but with fewer survivors.
In a document compiled by Tom Madison for SoHopeful -- before his shameful ass-booting, Tom references a study done by the Washington State Institute regarding community notification. According to Tom, the study found that 3.5% of the sex offenders that were followed claimed some sort of harassment ranging from a house that was burned down to anonymous phone calls to egg throwing to dirty looks. Interesting that he feels this is such a HUGE problem and yet he claims sex offenders only re-offend at a rate of 3.5% and that is such a TINY problem that sex offenders are no danger to society and we should welcome them with open arms. Funny how that works, isn't it?

But SOSEN Staff member, Topwop explains:
"FAMILIES" have had about all they can take from these insane laws and the vigilantee violence against former offenders.
So, attacking concerned parents in group and beating them nearly to death is the way to handle society? Care to add that to your Human Rights Watch report Sarah Tofte?

Despite claiming they're opposed to vigilantism, many sex offender activists endorsed or supported in some form, six scumbags attacking in a gang and nearly killing a father, because he was concerned about sex offenders living in his apartment complex.
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