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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sex offender activists have their own way of manipulating statistics. They do not care that it's true or not. We've been through this many times and I honestly don't know why the brilliant minds among them haven't yet figured it out. Perhaps they're too busy calling us "ignorant" and blaming others for their own bad behavior. Blame Gaming.

This is the fact plain and simple. A DOJ recidivism report done over a period of 3 years is not an accurate reflection of true recidivism. Nor does the DOJ recidivism report address the percentage of new sex crimes committed by either an RSO or a non-RSO.

But the new Washington study does. Yes, not including sex offenses that only result in probation or other penalty, ONLY counting those that result in prison 19% of all NEW sex crimes are committed in Washington state by someone who is ALREADY on the registry.

Now let's listen to Karl Hanson himself explain about recidivism:

Let's let Tom explain how it really works shall we? And how to get people to care and be understanding and sympathetic and empathetic, considering how ignorant we all are I have a feeling it won't go over very well. But that's me.

Dr Gene Abel concluded from a study of over 16,000 men, that 95% of all child molestations are committed by pedophiles.
Gene G. Abel, M.D. is a full professor of Psychiatry who has taught at several medical schools, including Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Abel is currently affiliated with Emory University School of Medicine and Morehouse School of Medicine.

Dr. Abel, who has been a research scientist in the field of sexual violence for more than 30 years, is at the top of his field, both nationally and internationally.
Ken Lanning said:
Most preferential child molesters spend their entire lives attempting to convince themselves and others that they are not perverts.
Gene Abel said:
Pedophilia is the most significant cause of child molestation.
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