"Hello! My name is John Clennon, and I am a pedophile"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

So speaks John Harold Clennon aka Humboldt

John, a member of GirlChat, is a pedophile who admits to uncontrollable urges regarding children.

Keyword here being uncontrollable. I think we need to know more about John and his self-control issues.

I think we need to learn why he believes that legalized child pornography would make the world a safer place for children. Yes that's what he said.

Why just the other day he stated his views that pedophiles without a visual outlet choose to rape and therefore legalizing it would help them control themselves and not violate a child. He believes child pornography is illegal because people really hate pedophiles and society is simply lying when they try to protect children from being exploited by filthy pedophiles.

I believe John is a dangerous pedophile. I believe John needs to be watched, and watched closely. Here's some things he's said. You decide.

"I think society's way of thinking is perverted, too. Look at the rest of the animal kingdom. Just get up and hump, no questions asked! What makes us so high and mighty to call the rest of the animal kingdom evil and dirty and sinful? I think the concept of humanity being anything more than or different from the rest of the animal kingdom is a perverted, distorted way of thinking."
Ah yes. The old distorted way of thinking.....
"My suggestion earlier was to selectively test and assign permits to children under the legal age who want to be sexually active. Much like driving, except way way easier, and available to much much younger people.

Naturally, parents will want their children to be safe while this activity is going on, and they'll want to make sure that no abuse or physical harm is taking place. As parents should do with any activities their child gets into, they should be within a earshot of distance, so that they can interject if any unfair abusive treatment happens. "OWWWW MOMMM!! DAAADDD!!" Child rescued, problem solved.

This is, of course, a temporary solution until society eases itself into acceptance. After that, we probably won't need permits."
He left the church in 2005 and suddenly feels "just so damn...free!"

"I definitely am a struggling man when I'm around LGs in real life. Ever since high school, back when I was in church (I had been off the porn for a while), the kids all absolutely loved me. I always played tag with them, I would throw them up in the air, swing them around, and let them sit in my lap during the sermon. After I discovered the fantasy of a child being a potential sexual being, I couldn't control my thoughts anymore when I was around them. When I threw them up in the air, I kept uncontrollably wanting to grab them where I wasn't supposed to, and when they sat in my lap, I started getting erections, right there in the middle of the sermon with the kids in my lap!"
He likes prepubescent children. Little girls specifically 5 to 12 year olds.

"I'm a 5-12yo GL (unknown in the real world) and I'm happy to have found a place where I can be accepted to share my innermost secrets about myself"
More self-control issues. He's afraid to have children of his own, unless it's a boy of course. He's not sexually attracted to boys. He's afraid he might molest his own little girls. I wonder if he's also afraid of what he might do to YOUR children

"All my life, I've wanted to have kids. Kids would be really really cool, but ever since I went pedo, I've been afraid to have them. I feel like I'd be a danger to them if I had them. Don't get me wrong, I'm really really good with kids! I would keep any child from getting hurt as if my life depended on it. But in the heat of passion, I have no idea what I'd do. I already know I can't control myself with my computer!"

"I wouldn't mind having a boy. I could totally relate to a boy without worrying about being sexual in any way towards him. I'm afraid of it being a girl, though. My sexual preferences would probably get way out of hand over the course of 18 years with a girl."

If you agree that this man poses a danger to children, visit his wikisposure page and learn more about John Harold Clennon aka Humboldt.

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