'I luv it when a lil one calls me a pervert'

Friday, September 25, 2009

Whose the creepy-looking (but strangely-familiar) fellow with the long hair, I hear you ask yourself?

His screen name on BoyMoments is 'Ddlibnkc,' but his real name is David Liberty; and he may seem familiar because we've already talked about him before - just over a year ago.

Back then, Liberty was being charged for possessing and distributing child pornography. But today, he will begin to serve his 36-year prison sentence for promoting and possessing child pornography.

Some of the photographs found in possession of this "Boylover" 'showed boys ages 8 to 12 dressed in diapers. Another showed a naked young boy hog-tied.'

It seems that Liberty had also taken a page out of Jack McClellans book, stalking children at public events with his camera:
"Liberty also had taken hundreds of pictures of young children in public at local fairs and festivals"
A criminal investigation into Liberty was launched after he was brought to the attention of police officers in Platte County, Missouri, by Wikisposure volunteers. But this isn't the first time Liberty had a run-in with the law for child pornography:

"Among the evidence prosecutors presented at the sentencing hearing was that Liberty was convicted in 2002 of possession of child pornography.

In that case, he was arrested in a traffic stop. Officers found rope, bailing twine, scissors, a dog collar and luggage straps in his car. Liberty was wearing a diaper and had a pacifier at the time, Zahnd said."

While Liberty was charged and convicted of child pornography related offenses, during the course of Wikisposures investigation into Libertys online life, they also uncovered admissions made by Liberty of having sexually abused a number of children. Not to mention a lot of disturbing comments:

WARNING: The following comments are disturbing in content - Reader discretion is advised
"I luv it when a lil one calls me a pervert just B4 he flops out his lil boy pack and begs me to lick it lick a lollypop

I fantise LOTS but only bout sucking n touching n dressing up n jackin"

"Of course its there lil peckers that makes me lick my lips"

"Oooooh I lik any kind of DIAPER I can put on or take off a young boy 5 to 10 yrs old.

Nothing turns me on more then to see that LIL BOY PACK throbbing just b4 I slip that DIAPER on THE BIGGER n THICKER the DIAPER on my boys 4 me please"

I think Platte County Prosecutor, Eric Zahnd, speaks for us all when he says:

"My hope is that with this sentence, this man will spend the rest of his life in prison and never have another chance to hurt another young boy,"
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