'You've published her address'

Thursday, March 27, 2008

John Stossel: You've published her address, hasn't that threatened her kids?
It's interesting that John Stossel amounts publishing someones address to threatening their children, especially so in the case of a someone like Jan Kruska.

Absolute Zero United first mentioned Jan Kruska's name on this post. Questioning Jan Kruska's ambiguous motives, in saying things like:
"This world is not your babysitter"
In regards to people whose children have been sexually abused; We also illustrated how "Amanda Rogers" a self titled "political ball buster" was actually Jan Kruska, I encourage you to read the post for yourself.

Jan Kruska responded by posting this on her website (operationawareness.com):

Aside from the fact that Jan had got the information wrong, posting the name and photos of a woman who had no involvement with Absolute Zero and had never even heard Jan's name before - That didn't stop Jan Kruska from saying this about her:

"She persistently downloads child pornography and uses photographs of children to entice men"

Also declaring the woman guilty of...

"conspiring to commit blackmail, harassment, intimidation, encouraging others to commit cyber stalking, physical harm and murder"

All this posted alongside this womans home address and phone number on the same website John Stossel of ABC 20/20 described as:

"A website that compares the registries to a hungry wolf that eats the innocent people like her (Jan Kruska)"

You'd be mistaken if you thought that this was the only person whose address was published by Jan Kruska (see this post for more on that).

If Disney's ABC 20/20 and Jan Kruska feel that her children have been threatened by her home address being published, why did she publish the address of other people?

What about their children?

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