Peadophile using gym at school, next door to kiddies changing rooms (Britain)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The school says its "Afraid to ban Baldwin in case it was accused of breaching his human rights"

So on the one hand they have the fear of childeren being molested, on the other they have the fear of being sued and they choose to run the risk of having kiddies being molested while they wait for definitive legal answers.

What about moral answers? We are all equiped with a soul at birth, and that must take precedence over law or mindless fascism results.

I tell you this. Were I headmaster, he would not be allowed on the premesis. I would take that responsibility on my shoulders, and tell the teachers so. Its my decision and thats what would happen, even if I had to throw him off myself (Did you hurt your head? oh, im terribly sorry, I didnt see the pavement there). Any liberal legal advice to the contrary would be ignored, and i would go to court and potentially prison for it. What pathetic craven scum we put in charge of our schools now. At least in America Christians are not afraid to call a spade a spade.. "Some Christian leaders even have said it could be considered child abuse just to register children in such a facility"

We all know that just like both normal people and homosexuals, most paedophiles dont change their orientation. And yet current policies allow them to be released incase they don't kill or rape any more childeren, instead of not releasing them incase they do. Which they do. Again and again. Now, in an extention of that bad moral judgment, the "human rights" laws that the powers that be created to replace codified common sense are cowing school's into allowing convicted, repeat offending, child molesters to use the gym right next door to where the young school kiddie's change(d) with the doors open.

Thought for the day; "An eye for an eye", as presented in the Bible, is a call for proportionality. It was Ghandi who turned it into one for pacifism. Now while I have a lot of repect for him, it is important to realise that those of his followers who marched peacefully towards the British garrison in file to get their heads bashed in did so voluntarily. These childeren arn't there voluntarily and have no control over the predators in their midst. It is up to us to act as men and take up the Bible's call for an Eye for an Eye before the whole world goes blind.
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