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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hi people, im a new contributor to this blog and my name is Gareth.

Yesterday I got to looking for a British version of the amber alert we have on the ticker at the top of the blog, because it occured to me that the blogosphere could be useful in the fight against pedophilia, if we could work out a method of getting alerts such as the post below to appear on tickers across peoples blogs... Those directly concerned by pedophilia for sure, but also every blog out there run by someone who just wants to do something right.

If the software was there I could imagine a huge takeup rate. So, What we need is a ticker that is geo-specific, from cities to regions to countries. It would be easy to set up as a system (hur hur, well, kinda... i think!).

What would happen is underneath each ticker would be a link directed to the website hosting the ticker feed, saying "get your own anti-pedophilia ticker here". As I say I imagine the takeup rate would be exponential as I should imagine more than one person would take up the offer of a ticker for each person who displays the ticker on their blog. Different styles of ticker would be offered to fit in with the widest styles of pages of blogs, like the different styles of google ads, for example. It would be up to the person installing the ticker on their blog/page how geo-specific they want it, and if they only want it to display when there is a child in danger in their area (which is the best option IMO, as then regular readers of the site wont "tune it out" as clutter, and will know to look when its there.) or possibly more than one ticker for different areas. It would display a link to the relevant police force / state police whatever.

Of course details are there for changing but those are the base parameters I see it as having.

Now, the cool thing is this. Google's motto is "do no evil". I wouldn't mind putting a small bet that they would help the ticker to get exposure and hits. What we need to do is take it the first few steps, get it up and running. Make it one system of "amber alerts" but a *potentially* global one, with a reach down to specific global communities. I envision this being on very small local blogs and webpages, on local government sites, on football supporter sites.....

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