Self-loathing, fueled by lies

Saturday, May 16, 2009

GirlChat poster Elminster A.K.A. Keith Cronin, first caught our attention back in 2007, when he left a series of comments here as "Uriel Dagda," posing as a "friend" of Elminster who just happened to have an interest in defending pedophiles on the internet:

"As somebody who has studied pedophilia online for over ten years now, I have, unfortunately also had to deal with and study the media and self righteous hate groups who proclaim to be on the side of good."

Just like the other GirlChatters Keith's a real "expert" on pedophilia, with ten years experience... he forgot to mention that it was all first hand:
Society needs to learn that, in all actuality, a loving child/adult relationship, even one including sex play or whatever, done in a loving, caring environment is a reinforcement of the very "innocence" they want to keep in thier child. Parents going berserk, and getting the child's lover arrested, sending the kid to therapy, is actually what destroys that.
Keith's a firm believer in the pedologic (often espoused by sex offender activists) that pedophiles using and exploiting children for sexual pleasure isn't what does damage to children, but rather that parents and caregivers are, for being concerned about the welfare of children. He thinks it would be a "better world" if child molestation was legalized:
I think it would be a better world if gentle, loving sex-play between adults and children that really have feelings for each other was allowed. It's a vast difference from actual penetration, but with all the world's psychological baggage, just winds up hurting everybody. It's sad how society can get together and create pain out of love.
Keith's involvement in pedophile activism goes further than just posting on GirlChat, for a while he was trying to host a mirror version of the Pedophile Liberation Front (PLF) website:
I tried. Friends of mine helped me try. But the only way to keep a site up is to have lots of cash. I tried to keep the PLF running after The Slurp up and vanished, and me and a few pedo friends tried with, we couldnt keep a host.
The posters on message-boards like BoyChat and GirlChat will often try to draw distinctions between themselves and what they describe as the "common child molesters:"
There is a difference of being nice to kids so you can take advantage and get them to be pliable enough to let you boff or fondle them just so you can get off (what common 'child molesters' do), and trying to help alot of children, hoping that, somewhere, some time, you might capture the heart of a youngster and have a loving, mutual relationship. Both benefit the self, but the truly selfish person is doing it just for his own benefit, while the other also wants to ultimately bring the child the most happiness.
While at the same time saying:
In the end that kind of hatred they spew spills over into the real life.. To people not online.. And lets face it.. People who first realise they are pedophiles, without any place to go (which is why these sites are actually so beneficial!), they probably wont accept themselves. And over a few years that self-loathing, fueled by the garbage and lies spewed about the issue on the mainstream news, can drive them completely insane... Then they DO wind up going out and hurting or killing a kid..

And that is just the people like us that wind up going nuts!
So, the same people which wind up hurting or killing a child, "ultimately want to bring the child the most happiness," but - don't forget if these people do harm a child - "it's all societies fault."

Read more about Keith Cronin at Wikisposure.
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